Gabriel Thomas



Gabriel Thomas is an American writer, born and raised in the Midwest, currently living in California. His first anthology "Lone Cow" is available through amazon.


Lone Cow delves through the frustrating, hindered and sometimes self-defeating aspects of our modern American life. These are tales for the working class, for the routed mind. Lone Cow plunges straight into the dark heart of the soul sucked worker. Funny. Poignant. At times odd. The writing of Lone Cow is pure, fluid Energy in every line. It's like pizza for the soul. An extremely entertaining read!


Previous Publications:

Publisher: Degenerate Literature, Title: Forty Grand, Description: Poetry

Publisher: Sisyphus Quarterly, Title: Lunchtime, Description: Short Story

Publisher: Nugget Tales, Title: The Bell Tolls for Thee, Description: Short Story

Publisher: Degenerate Literature, Title: Out of Place, Description: Poetry

Publisher: Degenerate Literature, Title: Honest Living, Description: Flash Fiction

Publisher: Rat's Ass Review (Such an Ugly Time) Title: Screams, Description: Poetry

Publisher:, Title: A Piece, Description: Poetry

Publisher:, Title: Honest Living, Description: Short Story

Publisher:, Title: Teddy, Description: Poetry

Publisher:, Title: Rain, Rain, Rain..., Description: Poetry

Publisher:, Title: Heading West, Description: Short Story

Publisher:, Title: Wicker Chair, Description: Short Story

Publisher:, Title: Getting Through It, Description: Short Story

Publisher:, Title: She Dances, Description: Short Story


Lone Cow Cover Art