Gabriel Thomas



Gabriel Thomas is an American, prose writer, born and raised in the Midwest, currently living in California. His first anthology "Lone Cow" is available through amazon.

When asked what his greatest accomplishment has been, Gabriel said, "It occurred after living in my car for thirteen months." He confessed he'd slept there, whilst working a full-time job, running and showering at a gym, frequenting libraries and parks, and at night, punching the keys of his laptop behind a steering wheel. He said that after thirteen months of this, he became completely free from financial debt. 

“I wanted to live on my own terms… Underneath no one. I wanted to live deliberately. Still do. I needed my failures to be on me... And my successes. I did it because I saw my future, that paycheck to paycheck life, those decades of toil. In the end, it would have been a misused life. A wasted life. I had to get out of it. I did a lot of math. I sacrificed. I figured a way. Thirteen months of hardship? Best thing I ever did.” 

Gabriel holds a bachelors degree in philosophy and has post bachelor studies in science. He was also a college athlete.


Lone Cow delves through the frustrating, hindered and sometimes self-defeating aspects of our modern American life. These are tales for the working class, for the routed mind. Lone Cow plunges straight into the dark heart of the soul sucked worker. Funny. Poignant. At times odd. The writing of Lone Cow is pure, fluid Energy in every line. It's like pizza for the soul. An extremely entertaining read!


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Lone Cow Cover Art