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Revelations and Actions and What's going on with Gabriel Thomas Fiction

Revelations and Actions and What's going on with Gabriel Thomas Fiction

As very few people know, for the past few weeks, every Monday, I have been posting a new (or old) piece of writing on my website, I have been using Twitter, trying to get the word out about this. I have been calling it, ‘The Dose’. My hopes are/were that some may like my writing and of course buy my E-chapBook “Lone Cow” or future works. Thousands of authors are doing what I am doing. It is nothing new.

As my twitter audience has grown to over 500 followers, – Mostly other authors trying to do the same as myself or psuedo-scammers – I’ve come to the conclusion that Twitter may not be a very good marketing tool. It seems a kin to pissing into an ocean and then trying to measure how much the water has risen.

Over the past weeks, I have gotten into Twitter fights. I have witnessed pure unadulterated propaganda. I have participated in ridiculous mind killing poles. I have answered so many stupid questions. I have commented and liked and re-followed and retweeted and Gif’d. I have posted some of my work for FREE! I have even given a so called ‘book critique’ a free copy of my ebook and the son of a bitch didn’t even read the entire thing. My conclusion… Twitter is bullshit.

With all this being said, I will still continue to post The Monday Dose. And I will still tweet about it, and I will then rage against the dying of the light. But this is not the entire message I would like to convey to you. Something very odd happened the other day. Something very odd in deed.

Like many people who run their own website, I pay close attention to the amount of visits my site gets, its page views, its RSS subscribers, how people get to my site, whether it’s from social media or a search engine, etc. I also like looking at where the people who visit my site are located. Not their homes or anything like that. (I don’t have that kind of skill) Just the states and cities or countries. This is information that almost any website’s analytics provide.

Anyway, I reposted/retweeted a link to a piece titled, “NORTH CENTRAL CALI”, and in the text of my tweet, I wrote, “Considering the current political climate, people are either going to hate or love this one. lol. Here you go!” I wrote this because the piece “North Central Cali” has a line in it that is a political hot button at the moment. It concerns Trump’s Wall. The line is this,

“Behind gated drives and manicured lawns and soundproofed lives, the people cry “NO” to Trump’s Great Wall, and if I employed slaves, I might say this too, in North Central Cali.”

In this line, I am writing about individuals who financially and directly benefit from maintaining an extremely cheap labor force and/or a large population of undocumented people. That is all. I am not making any type of moral statement. But I digress.

Something very odd happened right after I tweeted this. My website’s analytics showed a page visit. Someone had visited the North Central Cali post almost immediately. The location of the person(s) visiting the page was Ashburn, Virginia. That is right outside Washington D.C. Huh, I thought. Big brother might be real! And to make things more mysterious, comparing my website’s analytics with the Tweet activity that Twitter provides for that specific tweet, the tweet activity shows that no “link click” occurred. Hmmmm?

As of this moment that tweet has been up three days and has been seen 189 times. Only one person has clicked the link. It was me. Usually I’ll get one or two clicks just for the media. (This may be nothing)

So I didn’t think much of it, but the Washington page visit has kept needling my mind. I am not much of a political writer. I write humor and about the grit of life. I do not consider myself a political writer. I do have an occasional political view that slips in, here and there. A few of my poems show this.

“North Central Cali” does have the “Trump’s Great Wall” line but it’s about the insanity of life in North Central California.

“Off” another one of my poems, is about maintaining some form of individualism within yourself and to think and act for the good of yourself, while it loosely describes some obstacles (abstractly) that can impede this struggle.

“Lets Colonize” is a poem from ‘Lone Cow’. It talks about the terrors of social engineering.

“Beautiful Ideas” is probably the most political piece I’ve written and it does nothing more than suggest that there are flaws in every political philosophy, and it hints that some of these flaws manifest because there are deeper parts of the human condition that most are not willing to discover.

I don’t consider myself a political writer but I am a little freaked out. Some of my writing does have a dash of individualism in it. There is nothing wrong with that, right? I am kind of an anti-thoughtcrime type of person. I am also something else though… I am a ‘No Body’. I’ve never been published in a highly circulated magazine or journal. I don’t have a NY Times bestseller. I don’t make enough from my writing to live off of. Fuck, I don’t even have an agent (or more importantly an editor.) I am a ‘No Body’ just jotting lines hoping that someone will take notice and think, Hey, this guy’s not bad! That is all I am.

And with that in mind, just think… Just think about it. I may have just been put on a list. The censorship czars might be marching tomorrow. Maybe, I’m just a paranoid dip-shit. I don’t know. I just think it was very odd.

Thanks for reading.

Gabriel Thomas