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"OFF" Prose by Gabriel Thomas

"OFF" Prose by Gabriel Thomas

Stay off center.

Keep to the edges.

Comfort kills slow but kills COMPLETE.

Your mind goes first:

a numbing narrowness.

Then the body:

a fattening chemical dependence.

Don’t worry.

You'll  be too deadened to care.


Push back


Fight or Flight

Their ploy is Self-pity,

It's our GREATEST flaw


Hang on

            Hang in

                        Hang for



Time's limited

Time's unknown

Time's illusion

There is only NOW!

Live there


Reason can work

Reason can be scary

Reason can be TRUTH

Reason leads to insanity

Be quiet with your reason.

Use it,

but don't let people know you have it

It's like a Bull's-eye


Stay Shadowed

Live on the edges

Self-pity is self-victimization


The world owes you nothing.

You don't owe it shit, either.


Any ORDER is false.

We're in an abattoir.

Didn't ya know?


In the chaos,

do what you want.

Time's up. 

"OFF" Prose By Gabriel Thomas, Previously Published in “Lone Cow” By Gabriel Thomas

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