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"PERSPECTIVE" A Poem by Gabriel Thomas

"PERSPECTIVE" A Poem by Gabriel Thomas

Pulled the car off.

Pulled into a town.


Oh, so crazily small!


It's like a plague hit

a decade ago.

One percent of population left.

One percent left to loot,


and dwindle.


There are no women here.

I'm looking for them.

(I'm always looking for them)


I see little girls

playing in yellow lawns,

fingers fondling trinkets

too small to understand.


There are brothers

and older men.

They stand in the background

on the porches of cracker-box houses.


The little girls look up.

The males straighten.

They watch me.

They watch my car

raping their street.


There are no women here.


I turn onto the main strip.

An old theatre here.

Nothing on the marquee.

Windows boarded up


and everywhere.

In sight, not a soul.


I glide slow,

my senses are peaking.

I'm watching for the ambush.

I’m watching for the Children of The Corn.


"Where's the Fucking gas station!"

My steering wheel looks at me.

Then I see a gas station.


It's at the end

of the strip,

more house

than store.

Pumps in a front,

gravel yard.


I pull in there fast.

Get out slow.


then I start pumping,

while thinking,


My life could be worse.


"PERSPECTIVE" A Poem by Gabriel Thomas

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